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The Condition of Minorities in Pakistan

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By Predhuman K Joseph Dhar,

In Pakistan the fanatics and the fundamentalists rule was evidenced by the fact that no minority group was safe there. The Hindus & Sikhs were terribly persecuted a lot followed by the Ahmadis and the Shia Muslims. The draconian blasphemy law had given sufficient opportunities to the families to compound the woes of the people of the minorities communities with the result of that minority were always at the receiving end in Pakistan.

The Hindu young ladies were kidnapped and later forced to convert to Islam to marry with them. They were given no share in state service but forced to do menial jobs. The ladies and others belonging to Christian community were booked under blasphemy law on personal vendetta to vindicate grouses.

The integrity and moral authority of a nation depend on its firm commitment to ensuring the rule of law and defending its minority’s. Religious freedom was an inalienable human right which Pakistan has been denying to its minorities since its inception in 1947.

Statesmen of the world should look into the brutality committed by the Pak- tyrannical rulers on its unfortunate minorities who one after other are being eliminated to same the humanity

Extracted, media dated 2nd October 2013